Find Low Back Pain Relief at Home

Over half the adult population in America has had some type of back problem in the past five years. Lower back pain is one of the most common problems.

It may already be that you can remember what you did to cause it, perhaps you bent down or tried to lift something heavy? If not, asking yourself a few questions may help to discover the root cause of your current discomfort.

  • Is the pain in one location or does it vary or travel around?
  • Is it worse when you try to bend?
  • Did it start as a nagging ache and then suddenly get worse when you bent down or sneezed?!

It’s important to try and relax those tense muscles – so consider some of the following:-

  • a warm relaxing bath
  • a hot water bottle or ice pack on the painful area
  • asking your pharmacist for an over the counter muscle relaxant
  • enjoy some bed rest

If the pain persists or starts to radiate out to other areas, it’s important that you seek medical advice. If your back pain is accompanied by other symptoms, such as a rash, weak legs, swollen joints, blood in your urine, phone or visit your doctor for advice.

Once the initial pain has subsided, do try and move around. Prolonged periods in bed may stiffen and make your condition worse. Take things easy and start to move around, taking care when bending and lifting. Many back problems improve with just these simple treatments.

To prevent further recurrence of back problems, you may wish to consider undertaking some simple, regular exercises to strengthen the muscles around your back and reduce the likelihood of stresses and strains. Always undertake these after checking with your doctor, to prevent further damage.