Everything You Need To Know About Virgin Hair

Virgin hair, also known as raw hair is human hair that hasn’t been treated chemically, bleached or permed. It is obtained directly from the head of a donor, washed and then packed for sale. All the cuticles are intact and lay in the same direction thus making the unit smooth and soft to the touch.

Benefits of virgin hair

There are plenty of benefits that come with wearing virgin hair. Some of these benefits include:

Many styling options: Treated units limit the number of styling options that you can apply on it. Studies show that treated hair becomes difficult to color. It also tends to color off easily. Stylists have reported having a hard time curling and straightening treated units. Since raw hair is 100% natural, you don’t encounter any of these problems thus you can apply any style without any problem.

No shredding during combing: One of the major issues that many women report is shedding of the units during combing. Brazilian virgin hair and other types of raw units are made up of thick strong strands that don’t break easily; therefore, you don’t lose hair when combing.

Natural results: If you have used synthetic units you know that they tend to have a shiny, annoying look. This isn’t the case with virgin units. Since they are untreated they retain all the natural qualities of real hair thus when you apply any style, the units fall and frames the face just like your natural hair.

Resistance to damage from hair products: Since the strands are strong, they remain strong and soft even after being exposed to a wide range of hair styling products. Due to this, you can use different hair treatment products without worrying about damaging your hair.

Guide to buying virgin hair

Due to the high demand for the hair, there are some unscrupulous businessmen who try passing off synthetic, fake hair as virgin hair. The first thing that you should do is smell the hair. Chemically processed hair will have a unique smell and you should stay away from it.

You should also take a look at the condition of the wefts. For the hair to last for long and retain its great looks for a long time the wefts shouldn’t have loose threads, rips, uneven stitching or any other irregularities.

The color of the units will help you in determining if it’s genuine. You should remember that no genuine units should have any other color other than the natural black color.


If you want units that look great and retain their look for a long time you should go for raw hair. You can go for Remy virgin hair or any other natural units. To buy genuine units, buy from genuine sellers.