Laser Treatment For Permanent Hair Removal

Hair removal is probably one of the most annoying beautifying treatments that we have to put ourselves through! There are just so many methods of hair removal, most of which are time-consuming, can cost us a fortune for the constant upkeep and cause us pain. And yet, we still do it.

  • Shaving: Can cause nasty nicks and causes sensitive skin and shaving rashes.
  • Threading: It stings a little and the area around the eyebrows might turn pink for a few hours.
  • Bleaching: This only colours the hair and doesn’t remove it. A tingling sensation while the bleach is working is normal, but not too painful.
  • Plucking: It’s slow, tedious and somewhat painful and it’s not recommended for large areas of hair. Improper plucking may cause ingrowing hairs.
  • Depilatory Cream: These don’t smell very pleasant, are messy and time-consuming.
  • Waxing: There is a possibility that wax treatments will prove moderately painful because the hair gets ripped out at the root and can also result in ingrowing hairs.

These methods are time-consuming and what is worse, the results are only temporary, with treatments needing repeating, month after month.

  • Electrolysis: Can permanently remove hair but is an extremely slow, drawn out and painful method and worryingly, can sometimes result in scarring.
  • Laser Hair Removal: This will cost you a little more, but the results will last a lifetime and it will save you money long-term, as you won’t have to constantly pay out for razors, creams or waxing strips.

Perhaps this is why so many people, women and men, are beginning to turn to laser hair removal as a more permanent solution. This is a very popular method of permanent hair reduction with women, and more increasingly with men.

Using laser hair removal, hair is permanently removed from the:

  • Upper Lip: There is nothing wrong with a nice moustache, just not on a woman! Upper lip hair seems more noticeable on women with dark hair, but whether fair or dark, we all find it embarrassing.
  • Chin: Women despair when chin hair appears. They can sprout on young, or older women. They promptly get plucked out but as time progresses another one inevitably grows in its place! The only problem is that when they grow back, they seem to come back thicker.
  • Forearms: Sleeveless tops and dresses are not really a great idea when you have hairy forearms. Accessorising is also a minefield when bracelets and watches tug on your arm hair.
  • Underarms: In most cultures, people consider women with underarm hair as unhygienic and unsightly. Most ordinary people would sooner have hair free armpits!
  • Legs: In winter we can hide hairy legs under trousers and tights. But come the summer and it’s time for the yearly ritual of unveiling the legs and we all want them hair free. They are a must if you are applying fake tan, for a smooth, even application.
  • Bikini Line: Being caught out with an untrimmed bikini line is every woman’s nightmare. Shaving can result in rashes and bumps and waxing can irritate the skin and cause little ‘chicken skin’ bumps around the hair follicles.
  • Back : This affects men and some women. Of all the places that the body sprouts hair, for men the back is probably the most universally despised. It seems that some women approve of chest hair but a sweater-full of back hair is definitely not a good look!

Laser hair removal laser technology offers a safe and effective way to take away unwanted body and facial hair, permanently!

The pigment in the hair follicle absorbs the laser energy, and this is then converted to heat, causing thermal damage to the follicle without harming the surrounding skin. This results in hair growth being stopped in the damaged follicle.

Treatment times depend on the area, from 10 minutes for the upper lip to 45 minutes for the back. Most clients experience minimal discomfort; some may experience a minor stinging sensation as the laser pulses treat the skin.

A topical anaesthetic cream makes the treatments more comfortable.

Only 30% of your hair is usually in the growth phase at any one time and the laser can only target these. Therefore, for achieving long-term results, a series of treatments are necessary.