Mistakes Often Made When Deciding on Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery

Patients who plan to undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery would certainly like to get the best possible results so they should read this article. The five top mistakes that patients often make when deciding on going through surgery and ways to avoid them are as follows:

Not practicing due diligence

Patients should thoroughly check the background of their chosen surgeon, if he/she has the proper credentials, but they should not have limited resources. They should not decide on a surgeon just because of reviews on social media, a number of photos or worst of all, because of price. They should make sure to research about their surgery, what it involves, and the options/alternatives available – since there are surgeons who do not talk about certain procedures unless they perform them. They can also refer to testimonials, as well as before and after images.

Going Abroad

Some people who are interested in having plastic/cosmetic surgery go to the extent of traveling all the way to another country to avail of a bargain. Though some results are positive, there are cases when surgery gave an unfavorable outcome because of factors like language barriers, few or no consultations, limited support, untrained or unaccredited surgeons who do not meet the standards, and no accountability of the surgeon. It is risky to go under the knife abroad, and may cause patients to pay more to have the surgery revised with unsure results.

High/Unrealistic Expectations

The common mistake that most plastic/cosmetic surgery patients make is expecting an unrealistic outcome. The results of plastic/cosmetic surgery are different among patients, so they should not compare their procedure with what their friends have gone through, or stories heard about other people. Most patients think that the scars that are left behind depend on the surgeon’s skill, but these also could depend on factors like genetics, as well as lifestyle and overall health.

Not thinking about the risks

There are possible risks and complications involved with going through all types of surgeries and so, patients should understand these. They should ask their potential plastic/cosmetic surgeon all the questions they have in mind, and expect the doctor to explain the possible risks to them in detail. While all types of surgeries come with risks, these can be minimized by ensuring that the surgeon is qualified, trained and certified by the board. Revision surgery to address a poorly done surgical job involves additional risks, therefore, it is best to do the first procedure right.

Not taking full advantage of consultation.

Once a patient decides on the surgeon who will perform the procedure, he/she should prepare a list of questions to fully prepare them for the actual consultation. A lot of patients fail to ask critical questions. As a start, they should make sure to ask if this type of procedure is best for them, the side affects of the operation if any, and how many times the doctor has done it. These are only some of the important questions, but there’s more. In addition, it is crucial to disclose all information, including their diet, the supplements they take and their unhealthy habits if any like smoking. Though they might think all these are not that important, these mistakes could actually affect the surgical procedure results, as well as the patient’s recovery.