Types Of Facelift – Different Aesthetic Goals And Surgical Plans

The different aesthetic goals and condition of the patient, including the skin texture, severity of wrinkles and fine lines or skin folds, involvement of another procedure like a nose job; and many other factors have devised different surgical plans of the one Facelift surgery. Every surgical plan has its own justifiable existence, for ideal candidates.

1. Deep Plane

Ideal Problem – Deep groovy wrinkles and skin folds (ptosis) in the mid face region.

Process – The deep plane resided underneath the SMAS layer is a fibrous layer of muscle. It attends the mid face area by pulling and tightening smile lines, the jowl and the downward sagging of apples.

Removing ptosis skin and excess fat pads and tightening the surrounding muscles. The surgery is performed on a partly open dissection basis, with the incisions along the back or front of the ears. The incisions are majorly hidden underneath hair, and as long performed under a talented surgeon are unremarkable. The procedure does not attend forehead and sides of the eyes.

Anaesthesia – General or Twilight Anaesthesia

Time – 2hours

Risks – Because of the deep reaching nature of the procedure it often risks nerve damage.

Result – The best of its kind. Gives out the most natural and fresh results.

2. SMAS Lift

Problem – Deep groovy wrinkles and skin folds (ptosis) in the mid face region.

Procedure – The SMAS layer is a muscle in cheeks just the upper layer to the deep plane. This approaches the same aesthetic goal, with the incision starting from the temples and across to the back of front of the ears, similar as the deep plane. Ptosis skin is removed, and the remaining skin is sutured behind or front of the ears. Two sub – categories to this surgical plan feature either the removal of skin and muscles or use of plication or folding the muscles and suturing them permanently.

Anaesthesia – General or Twilight Anaesthesia

Time – 2 hours

Anaesthesia – General or Twilight Anaesthesia

Risks – No major risks than the usual infection, and scarring usually relevant to the choice of inexperienced surgeon.

Result – Dramatic fresh faced youthful appearance for ideal candidates.

3. Mini Lift/Short Scar

Problem – Young woman’s age defying preparations for early signs of aging and fine lines.

Procedure – This procedure refers to multiple surgical plans that include the MACS technique, the s – shaped incision and/or facial liposuction. The common feature is a short scar, that either takes place at the end of the sideburns, and lengthwise of the front of the ear, or sides of the temple, in order to pull up the skin. Usually no skin is removed and just stretched to reduce fine lines, but will be of limited effect upon deeper wrinkles.

Anaesthesia – Local or Twilight Sedation

Risk – None, apart from the conventional

Result – Viable for ideal candidates. But can be for the time being, since the aging process continues and so does the wrinkling.