The Truth About Eye Exercises That They Don’t Want You To Know

Eye exercises are techniques to improve your vision naturally. These techniques can improve your vision health in many ways. Often, it is difficult to find credible information about these techniques on the web. This is due to the fact that many people are looking at websites that are making claims that these techniques are ineffective. These sites insist that these natural techniques to improve your vision naturally don’t work. Often the claims that are given are not factual in nature. The theories that these claims are based upon are simply untrue. For example, one claim suggests that eye exercises are not endorsed by any medical authority in the United States. The journal of the American Optometric Association has evidence that proves that these techniques do work. Additionally, research studies have been conducted on this issue involving research participants who attest to the effectiveness of eye exercises as effective vision correction solutions to eye problems. Here is some information supporting this argument along with the truth about eye exercises:

Here is a quote from the American Optometric Association: ” the medical profession in general, and ophthalmology in particular, seems to be having more and more difficulty finding things to criticize about this important part of optometric practice.” Jimmy D. Bartlett, O.D., Journal of the American Optometric Association.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of supporting evidence in medical journals that eye exercises also known as vision training works. Practitioners in the traditional eye care industry are concerned with offering a vision correction method that is profitable. For this reason, eye glasses and contact lenses are the most popular method of vision correction. Therefore, there is no incentive to offer a natural method of vision correction such as eye exercises. This medical attitude persists even though these techniques go further than traditional methods of vision improvement thereby correcting the underlying issues associated with your vision problems.

When you look at the numerous websites that have been published on the web concerning the effectiveness of these vision improvement techniques you find that the vast majority of these sites are highly critical and very negative in the viewpoints that they express about eye exercises. This is due to the fact that expressing a positive point of view about this alternative form of vision correction is not in their financial interest.

There is a lot of misinformation on the web concerning the issue as to whether or not eye exercises work. Much of this information is rather confusing to the reader. Even in spite of the fact that evidence exists about the effectiveness of eye exercises such information is not being disclosed to the public. This is due to fears that revealing that this form of vision correction is effective may be unfavorable to the financial interests of the traditional eye care industry. As a result of this, consumers are seeing a substantial amount of information about eye exercises that is false. Some of these falsehoods include misrepresentations about the validity of an alternative method of vision improvement that works really well and corrects the underlying causes of your vision conditions for better vision without glasses.