Hair Loss: What’s Normal and When to Be Concerned

Hair loss is a touchy subject for both men and women as nobody wants to live their life without hair. However it is important to know what is normal and what you should be concerned about when you lose your hair. You may want to know what`s the average hair loss per day or what diet you should follow to reduce hair loss. It is also good to know when you should become concerned about your hair loss and what causes you to lose your hair in life. Each of these things will help you to identify what you should be concerned about.


Many things will cause you to lose your hair on a daily basis, however it is good to know that a few extra hairs on your pillow could be caused by something other than hair loss. For example, a drastic loss in weight or child birth can cause a dramatic loss in your hair due to the stress it puts on your body. Stress is another huge factor in losing your hair as well as illness such as a high fever. Even changes in your body can cause you to lose a bit of extra hair outside the norm including an operation and stopping your birth control and other hormone changing medications.

Hair Shedding

It is normal to go through the normal causes of hair loss and shed a little extra hair. This doesn’t mean that you are going bald or losing too much hair. Simply your body is reacting to various conditions that are outside of what is completely normal and this will eventually stop once your body has adjusted. These kinds of things will cause your hair to fall out but you aren’t really losing your hair as you won’t lose enough to make that kind of significant difference and will fill in over time. If this is the case, then you will likely see the amount of hair you lose in your brush or shower change from quite a bit too very little over time.

True Hair Loss

If you are actually losing your hair then it will be caused by genetics, your immune system, medications, harsh products, any physical pulling of your hair. Each of these can cause significant hair loss and leave you with bald patches that either take a long time to come back or won’t grow back at all. The loss of your hair can be a devastating thing and even though some of these things can be reversible like medications and illness, genetic loss of your hair is permanent unless you use one of the many hair growth procedures or products on the market. Also there are a lot of foods that prevent hair loss, so following a healthy diet is important.


If you have experienced a loss of your hair or are losing your hair in excess and find yourself concerned, please ask questions in the comments and share your experiences here. Those who have experienced a loss of their hair and have found ways to encourage new growth and stop the process of losing your hair, we would love to hear how you did it. Many people experience this kind of thing on a routine basis and have noticed their hair falling out on their pillow, in their brush, and in the shower. And may be extremely concerned as to why this is happening and what`s the normal average hair loss per day. Words of great wisdom are encouraged to help those who are going through this stressful time to understand when and if they should be concerned and possibly seek help in fixing the loss of their hair from a professional.