Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Hormone replacement therapy by hormone replacement therapy Woodlands is perhaps one of the best remedies for men who suffer from an excessive hormone imbalance. However, before choosing to proceed with this therapy, there are many alternatives to weigh. These include:

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy or BHRT via subcutaneous implants. Subcutaneous implants allow doctors to administer the hormones directly into the target area. This method has been found to be more effective and safer compared to orally taking hormones in pill form.

Testosterone supplements. Some health professionals believe that men may help themselves in the battle against hypogonadism by taking testosterone hormone replacement therapy. When the male body produces lesser amounts of testosterone, it may result to reduced energy levels and other symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia and irritability. Testosterone is known to be essential for muscle mass development, which explains why some athletes would take it to augment their sports performance.

Hormone injections. This option is quite risky because hormones are injected directly into the muscles or tissues where they could exert their effects. Aside from the possible risks involved during the process itself, hormone replacement therapy for men who undergo this therapy could also result to harmful side effects. Some possible risks include allergies, infections and overproduction of the said hormones.

Topical testosterone pellets. Some experts recommend the use of topical solutions or testosterone pellets in treating hypogonadism. These products are applied onto the target area and can work faster than pills or subcutaneous implants since they are applied directly on the skin. However, these products must be used cautiously due to its potential risks.

The best way to prevent the negative side effects brought about by testosterone replacement therapy for men is to address or change the underlying condition or cause of low energy levels. For example, if you suffer from chronic illnesses, including diabetes, you need to have regular glucose tests so as to monitor your progress. Similarly, your doctor may prescribe you certain medications that can help improve your circulation and stimulate the production of growth hormones. Remember that while therapy can effectively provide relief from symptoms of menopause, it cannot cure or treat your current condition or health problems. Keep in mind that with proper care, you can successfully treat and prevent many of the symptoms and signs of menopause.

Other potential risks include developing iron deficiency anemia, stroke, high cholesterol and heart diseases. These side effects can be prevented if you consume enough fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products, lean meats and fish. If you notice any symptom of increased blood pressure, symptoms of fluid retention, increased appetite or cholesterol, it is advisable to consult your doctor. You can avoid risks such as osteoporosis, stroke and heart attacks if you follow a healthy lifestyle.

Some common side effects include low libido, mood swings, insomnia, hot flashes and facial hair growth. On the other hand, these symptoms can also be brought about by low blood sugar levels. Most doctors will only provide hormone replacement therapy for men if they are in good health conditions. It is a good idea to take the supplement on a regular basis so you can keep your testosterone levels at the desired levels. Supplements must be taken one per week. Since natural hormones can help bring back the hormonal balance in the body, side effects can be avoided.


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