What Is Aromatherapy Massage?

Essentially aromatherapy massage is effectively any standard type of massage, except the massage oil includes concentrated plant oils to give off a pleasant and relaxing aroma that is proven to make people more relaxed. Through inhaling essential oil molecules the limbic system sends messages to the heart, slowing the heart rate and increasing the level of relaxation someone is experiencing. The essential oil molecules are proven to benefit the body, even to the level of benefitting the immune system, boosting its germ fighting power. The skin is also able to absorb these molecules, which is why the plant oil extracts are included in the massage oil masseurs’ use.

Essential oils are widely used in many practices, but in aromatherapy massage they are used for both their specific purpose and the fact that they combine aromatherapy with massage. Camomile, Lavender and Germanium have a calming effect, perfect for use in a massage because that’s just how some people want to feel after they’ve had one. Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, Rose and Neroli have an uplifting effect on a person’s mind and body, making them feel more awake and ready for what the future has for them, without making them feel over energised. Rosemary energises people, giving them the rejuvenation they need to get on with their lives and go out and face the things they’ve been putting off. Rosemary is cleansing, helping the body remove any waste products and boosting the immune system, it’s also suspected to help people have happier thoughts if they’ve been struggling with nightmares or anything similar. Eucalyptus, Pine and Tea Tree have a decongesting effect on the body, helping those with colds or hay fever finally breath again, and flush out any excess phlegm they might have that has been causing them to feel a bit down.

The main reasons people have an aromatherapy massage are due to physical illness or emotional illness. If someone has recently had a tough time in their life, an aromatherapy massage can make them feel as though they’re renewed, and help them to push on no matter what hardships they have yet to face in life. Similarly aromatherapy can be used to treat depression, and make people feel much better about themselves without anyone having to sit down and talk with them or say anything.

In conclusion, aromatherapy massage is a type of massage which uses plant oil extract in the massage oil to achieve another level of treatment. Aromatherapy massage can make people feel better both physically and mentally, and can even be used to help treat serious emotional issues someone may be experiencing.