What Is Swedish Massage And What Does It Do?

Swedish massage is a type of massage, and in fact is the most common type of massage you’ll find in the western world. It is a type of therapeutic massage that can be found in any spa around the UK, and can vary in the level of relaxation it achieves. Swedish massage can be toned down to be light and gentle for those having their first massage, or toned up to be tough and vigorous to achieve maximum muscle relaxation on a level that’s almost equivalent to that achieved by deep therapy massage.

During a Swedish massage the masseur rubs massage oil onto your skin, lubricating it and making it easier for them to warm it up without causing any pain. They will then use a series of massage strokes on your skin to warm it up, relaxing muscles and breaking down any adhesions, which are caused when muscle tissues adhere to each other. Any muscle knots are also gently broken up by the massage strokes, which can relieve any serious aches and pains that people might have been experiencing beforehand.

Before a Swedish massage the masseur should ask about any allergies that you have, and more importantly if you’re pregnant, as massage in the wrong area can be harmful to unborn babies. Finally the masseur should ask if you have a preference for firm or gentle massage, and if you have any injuries or aches and pains they should be careful of or work on, depending on the type of injury and whether massage will help them.

Whilst having a Swedish massage you’ll be laying on a specialised table, specially designed with a hole for the head in. Some types of massage require you to be lying on your back and facing upwards, though if you want to receive a massage for your back you have only to ask and the masseur will provide the massage you want.

Swedish massage is the most common type in the west. Whether you to go for a one at a spa in either America or the UK, this is most likely the type you will receive. For anyone who isn’t sure about what kind of massage they want this is the one to go for, as it doesn’t have to be too intense and has lots of room for progression, meaning people can try it out gently at first and move up to more intense massages later.