Waiting For A Health Miracle

They are calling the ex-president’s cancer a health miracle. And so many people wait and pray for just this type of thing.

But, how often do health miracles really happen?

Turns out, not that often.

Many people have a false view of what health care really is.

Real health care is preventing illnesses, diseases, cancers, and problems from happening. It’s eating well, exercising, visiting alternative medicine practitioners because they can make sure you stay well. If you take care of yourself, most of these will never occur.

But, when they do (and something will happen, be a cold or cancer), then we turn to sick care. This is what people pay for in insurance. This is what doctors and hospitals do. This is what most people expects will cure them.

Problem is, sick care can’t cure anything, they don’t ever provide a health miracle. All they can do is aid the body in healing itself.

Antibiotics don’t kill infections – they reduce it so the body can handle the shock.

Medications don’t cure disease – they suppress natural reactions until the numbers look good.

Surgery doesn’t cure a problem – it removes or repairs the issue to a certain degree, then the body does the rest.

What people need is to understand that health care and sick care need to be on the same side. Modern medicine has demonized health care and alternative treatments, like what I do. They tricked people into believing they could do anything they want and sick care will fix the problem.

Society is cottoning on that sick care can’t fix the problem, only suppress it.

Look at the diabetes epidemic. The cure is out there: eat healthy foods and exercise. However, doctors rarely tell this to their patients, and those that do just add it on and don’t push it. What the doctors do push is medications and coming back often (which means more profit for them).

For the people I help, we take the healthy approach and return the body to a healthy state. Yes, it takes time and effort. But, isn’t being healthy and not needing sick care worth it?

Together, health care could prevent many, many problems from ever occurring. Then, sick care can work on fixing the other problems. Sick care could spend the money and time on real problems, like autoimmune disease, genetic defects, and injury healing.

But, those aren’t profitable. Keeping people slightly sick and on medication is.