Priapus Shot – Know More About This Unique Male Enhancement Supplement

The Priapus Shot For ED Treatment is an innovative, non-intrusive, alternative, and safe solution to treat erectile dysfunction. With the application of targeted acoustic sounds, the Priapus effectively aids in increasing the male’s blood circulation towards the penis and subsequently to the prostate. This may be very helpful in treating conditions like Peyronie’s disease, PCOS, and vascular disorder in men. The high-frequency sounds help to relax the smooth muscle tissues in the area and increase the blood supply to that part of the body. It also improves the functioning of the reproductive organs.

As compared to other treatments such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, this treatment is relatively safer and less evasive. Most men who have tried the Priapus shot have found that it works well and is free from adverse side effects. It is also comparatively inexpensive compared to other male enhancement pills in the market. Even though it has not been approved by the FDA, many men are using it as an effective treatment.

The Priapus shot uses a custom-made syringe, which is attached to a tube with a suction device. By injecting or inhaling the treated area, men can feel the effects almost immediately. The shot contains a combination of herbs that work together to treat and cure conditions such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), prostate cancer, enlarged prostate cyst. This herbal remedy is also known to prevent recurrence of BPH or prostate cancer.

Most of the users of the Priapus shot claim that their encounters with the herb supplements have been totally positive. Some men even claim to have experienced multiple orgasms. According to manufacturers, the ingredients used in the Priapus are totally natural. No prescription is needed in order to buy and use the herbal remedy. However, you must consult your doctor before starting any form of treatment.

Before choosing the Priapus treatment, it is important that you should know all the aspects of this innovative prostate formula. You must also check if your insurance provider will cover the costs of the treatment. A lot of men who have opted for this treatment have also found that the herb supplements reduce their incidences of urinary incontinence.

Priapus is usually used in conjunction with BPH treatment. However, doctors do not recommend the two treatments together. They also advise men to refrain from having sex immediately after using the Priapus shot. You may see some changes on your prostate over a period of time. These changes may be mild or moderate and they cannot be predicted accurately.


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