What to Expect for Your First Chiropractic Appointment

Chiropractors are masters of relieving back pain. They know every vertebrae of your spine and how the back functions to adjust and relieve pain. Some people think about their first visit to the Chiropractor, believing they will experience pain. This is not the case. Here is what to expect for your first chiropractic appointment.

It is difficult to say exactly what kind of treatment you will receive at your visit. This is because the practice of chiropractic adjustments is large and varied. Each chiropractor has their own preference for the science used.

Because there are so many ways to treat, it is perfectly fine to ask questions throughout your visit to best understand the basic concept. Some things might seem odd, like a device with a handle and a rubber tip that the chiro clicks on your back to adjust vertebrae. Asking about the device and what it does is completely acceptable.

Before you make it into the exam room, you will be given paperwork to fill out that gives your medical history. The chiro will want to know information about family medical history and preexisting medical conditions. They also want to know your health provider, along with what exact pain and symptoms you are having.

They will ask when and how the pain started and where it is. They will also want to know what the pain feels like, meaning is it throbbing, burning, dull, sharp, continual, or coming and going. They also want to know if the pain is a result of an injury, such as a car accident, and what activities make it better or worse.

Once the paperwork is over, you will be able to go into the exam room. Either a healthcare assistant or the chiropractor will check your blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and reflexes like a normal doctor exam. The difference is you will also have to do neurological tests.

Don’t worry, these are simple. You should test your range of motion by turning and twisting your head, waist, back, and arms. Your muscle tone and strength will be looked at along with your neurological integrity.

Sometimes you will have x-rays done so the chiropractor can point out exactly what is out of line on your back and his or her plans to fix it. After a few months, you may have x-rays taken again to see the progress that has been made in your back.

The chiropractor will look at the results of these simple tests along with the forms you filled out. From there, he or she will find the diagnoses and treatment options. They will explain to you the problems in your back, what has caused it, what treatment they plan to administer, how it will help, and how long it will take to correct.

Depending on your chiropractor and if you agree with his or her diagnoses, than treatment might begin during the first visit. There are many treatments that could occur during that first visit. The joints that are out of line with various methods depending on your chiropractor’s preference is adjusted.

There is need for soft tissue healing and pain control. Tools such as traction, electrical stimulation, and an ultrasound is used to treat tissue and pain. None of these are painful. The most you will feel is a slight tingling sensation.

The chiropractor may draft an exercise plan to strengthen or stretch your muscles to improve balance, strength, and co-ordination. They will also recommend posture exercises, education on motor control or nutrition, and tips to cut anxiety which causes misalignment in joints.