How To Conceive A Boy With These Natural Steps

Hearing the news of having a baby is a blessing. There are a lot of couples who wish to be able to choose the gender of their child and to know how to have a boy or girl. If your current gender preference for your child is to be a boy, then there are some steps that you should take to increase the chances of getting what you wished for.

A lot of people say that being able to select the gender of your baby is impossible. While medical studies have already offered methods to promote gender preference, you can still follow these natural steps to make sure that you still have a boy after nine months. All it takes is the right knowledge and proper timing; once you master the knowledge to how to have a boy, it will only be a matter of time before you give birth to a bouncing baby boy.

There are some natural steps that you and your partner should take to increase the chances of getting what you wished for. Among the ways on how to have a boy include:

Monitoring the time of ovulation. When looking for ways on how to have a boy, it is important that you know when you are going to ovulate. According to studies, it is recommended for you to have sex at least 24 hours before the time of ovulation, and no more than 12 hours after ovulation so that the possibility to have baby boy is increased. Having sexual intercourse past these schedules may significantly decrease your chances to have a boy, so it is important to keep tabs on your ovulation period in order to achieve the best results. You can likewise monitor ovulation period via the following: charting cervical mucus, basal body temperature and using ovulation kits.

Timing of intercourse. In order to know how to have a boy, the timing of sexual intercourse proves to be vital as mentioned previously. Basically, intercourse that is closer to the time of ovulation provides a faster but weaker Y (male) sperm, as the cervical mucus is still less acidic, but at the same time slippery enough to push the sperm to quickly reach the egg.

Sexual position. To increase your chances to how to have a boy naturally, the sperm should reach the egg faster before or during the ovulation period. It is then recommended to perform intercourse via the “dog style” position, as this way the sperm becomes closer to the cervix, and make it more capable of taking the Y-sperm to the egg way before the XY-sperm (female) does.

Orgasms. To know how to have a boy, having orgasmic sex is likewise important because after orgasm, the body releases certain chemicals that make the vaginal wall more alkaline, and this is something the Y-sperm needs to stay active.

Wear loose clothing for men. For men, it is important to wear loose clothing such as shorts or boxers instead of briefs. This is because tight-fitting underwear increases heats up the testes which may cause lower sperm count.

Caffeine for stimulation. Lastly, a cup of hot coffee or tea could maximise your chances to how to have a boy. Drinking caffeinated beverages before having intercourse will stimulate the sperm cells, making the more active in reaching for the egg once they are deposited into the cervix.

Above are some of the natural steps that will be your answer to how to have a boy. By following these procedures properly and accordingly, it will only be a matter of time before you realize that you are having a baby boy on the way.