Can Fat Really Be Hypnotised Away?

This was a question a client asked me recently, I knew what she meant but of course the question was wrong.

Fat cannot be hypnotised, but weight loss will result from good hypnosis. However there are a few things to be considered.

  1. In my opinion hypnosis should be targeting a healthy diet which is low in sugars of all kinds and processed foods. You will need to have a good understanding of this, if your hypnosis practitioner can’t give you this information then you must educate yourself.
  2. You need to be committed to the change required otherwise you will be fighting the hypnotic suggestions given to you, and you will win. It is not possible for a hypnotist to make you change, or fix you, it requires input from both parties.
  3. The hypnosis must be professionally delivered otherwise it will fail and you will become disillusioned with hypnosis and miss a great opportunity for positive change. Find someone who is well versed in weight loss hypnosis and not just a general therapist.
  4. Your past experiences with weight loss must be taken into consideration. If you have struggled previously you will bring those experiences into your session. You will want to succeed, but fear of failure will dominate your thinking.
  5. Weight loss hypnosis is rarely a one -stop shop, you may need several sessions to deal with such things as food cravings, sugar addictions, stress eating, boredom and bad influences in your life.

Hypnosis helps you to focus on the changes you want make and allows you to let go of old eating patterns and then new empowering beliefs are introduced in their place.

The process will continue long after your session and as your taste buds become tuned to flavours which are less sweet and salty you will find that some of your old favourite foods will no longer have their same appeal.

But this is a good thing as it means you are getting better feedback as to what is healthy for you to eat. But don’t worry there will still be those special things that you will enjoy occasionally.

Just remember that hypnosis is a safe and gentle process which takes a lot of the stress out of your life, and in the case of weight loss there is potentially a lot of stress associated with being over weight and trying to lose weight puts a lot of stress on those trying.