Birth Defects and Miscarriages and Infertility

Messing around with a mother’s DNA or the DNA of her baby

is one of the things that can lead to a miscarriage and

birth defects. DNA tells the baby AND the mother “when to

do what”. Need a leg? Then you need some specific event

at some specific time. If the part of the DNA that controls

legs is either damaged or altered by some environmental

chemical, the leg won’t be there. And you can’t add it

later. It can only develop at one very specific time.

Fusarenon – This is a toxin that will interfere with DNA.

It is produced by several molds including:

* Aspergillus sp

* Fusarium sp

* Penicillium sp


Some mold toxins interfere with the hormones that regulate

the various steps of pregnancy. Hormones tell the baby when

to add what body parts. They tell mom when to pass on

timely materials to the placenta, for example.

Ask any OB/GYN how many different stages mom and baby have

to go through and he/she will tell you that they don’t

know. From conception to delivery probably a billion things

have to happen on schedule for a good birthing process.

Interfere with just one step and you run the risk of

miscarriage or birth defect.

One example of a chemical stopping the development of a

leg or arm is the famous thalidomide problem. In the 1950’s

Thalidomide (Thalomid) was a heavily prescribed anti-anxiety

medication. Pregnancy contributes a lot of anxiety to women

so it only made sense to prescribe Thalomid. The effects

were horrible. Legs and arms were missing or underdeveloped.

I saw a man on TV who played the guitar for the Pope. But

he played the guitar with his toes because he had no hands

or even arms.

Even if your baby doesn’t have a major problem like these,

there can be deformities that aren’t visible but still


Mold toxins are noted for interfering with biological


Zearalenone – This is a mold toxin created by several

types of mold. This toxin mimics estrogen. By mimic we

mean it acts like estrogen. If enough of these toxins

are floating around inside the bloodstream, the body

will be very, very confused. As you well know the estrogen

is very important in the processes of getting pregnant and

carrying a baby to term. If the amounts are off before

pregnancy the woman can be infertile. If the amounts are

off after conception the baby can miscarry.



Mold can be a major factor in fertility. It can

cause babies to be lost. And it can

lead to babies with a wide variety of health