Wrinkle Remover That WORKS!

That’s a pretty optimistic statement, isn’t it? But yes, in my opinion, this cream does work and no I’m not an agent or in any way tied to the manufacturer financially, but as a fitness and health consultant I am always looking for any “edge” to help my clients, and this product fits that criteria.

Now I had thought about writing a bit about fashion and how it’s really all about “the ladies”, and rightly so (‘cos who really cares about what guys are wearing anyway) but then you already know that. And then I thought about saying something about how fashion is really about appropriateness; how it’s best to dress in a style appropriate to your personal individuality; and don’t forget that you are going to project so much more √©lan when you are wearing something that you feel comfortable wearing, not something you have been pressured into by some fad or trend.

I think it was Orson Welles who said, when asked about fashion, “Fashion is whatever I happen to be wearing at the time”. And he had a point. If HE was wearing it, then it was fashionable!

So it’s really about confidence and self-possession, to the extent that you could be wearing jeans and a Tee-shirt amongst a gathering of “suits” but you could still exude that fashion-runway arrogance by assuming that they, unfortunately for them poor souls, are all dressed inappropriately, whereas you with great panache have got it right on the money.

But you want to know about the wrinkle cream, right? Of course, and being a bit more serious here, I can say that I honestly believe this cream can have a beneficial effect, whether great or small, and I genuinely believe it works in reducing lines around the eyes, the mouth and those tracks across the forehead. You can use it pretty much over the whole face and neck and you should get just a bit more “bloom on the rose” all round.

So as I said, I’m not an agent or in any way associated with the manufacturer, nor do I receive any commissions or such, I just wanted to give you “my take” on a product I think can be a boost to your beauty arsenal. There are so many cosmetic creams in tiny jars that purport to erase wrinkles and fine lines, but I feel, of them all, this is your best bet for some actual noticeable results.

At this point I had thought of putting in the usual, “to get the name, click on my website http://www.gordonblack.com and send me an e-mail”, but whenever I read that stuff my eyes go skywards and I think, “oh yeah, there’s a catch here somewhere”. So there is no such hook to get you to look at my weight management/fitness site, although I’d appreciate you visiting it; I’m giving you the name right here: made by Klein-Becker USA, it is StriVectin-SD (Striadril) and it is described as an Intensive Repair for Existing Stretch Marks. It comes in a big 6 oz. tube and lasts for ages and you can read all about it on http://www.strivectin.com or http://www.kleinbecker.com.