3 Qualities That Makes A Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Exceptional

There are traits that make a Vinyasa yoga teacher who he or she is. Although every teacher is great, but some are just exception. Remember that when you teach yoga, you are not teaching it to animals but humans and people also came to you to teach them yoga for a reason too. However, what qualities do you have that makes you think you are exceptional as a teacher? We will take a look at some of the qualities that makes yogis exceptional.

1. Do you have proper training?

Were you properly trained or do you think you can handle a class creatively? These are the most important qualification people should look at n a yoga teacher. Normally over 10,000 hours of practice or exposure, which also includes theory and practical. With this, a Vinyasa yoga teacher should be well trained and rooted in the practice. You also want to be sure that the yoga teacher have a good yoga teacher or mentor that they consider. In addition, a consistent practice means a lot to the teacher. Does he or she practice at home alone?

2. Does the teacher, cares about his or her students?

Once you are certain that the teacher already have the credentials and qualifications, then, look for a Vinyasa yoga teacher who truly cares about his or her students. What is the relationship between you and the teacher? Some yoga teachers are very creative. They also love entertaining their class. They prepare their class by deciding the type of music they would like to use as well as the postures that will work well with the music or the theme. This is a very good option for yoga teachers to follow but I would also suggest that Vinyasa teachers should consider the category of students they will be attending to, and the theme of the practice. It will be nice if students work out of the class feeling happy and satisfied.

3. Is the teacher willing and able to make some adjustments to suit the class?

An exceptional teacher should be able to assess the group that is in front of them and possess the required skill to make some relevant changes to suit the class. Whatever adjustment you make should be the type that would give everyone in the class enough fun, challenges, safe as well as enlightening experience. You can utilize a simple process, which I usually call “the assessment pose.” You can try it with your student and see how they would react to it. It can be Downward-facing dog for beginners or the Handstand for more advanced group.