Yoga and Personality

Stress, fear, anxiety- if we start counting all those instances in life when we experienced these emotions, we may just lose count! Anxiety about the results of the main exam or the reaction of our parents in the report card can affect us.

The problem starts when this fear becomes persistent and so intimidating as to start interfering with our everyday life. Then it becomes an anxiety disorder, a state of excessive uneasiness, worry, or fear of the unknown, which need to be treated, and this is where yoga can be useful.

Practicing yoga has many benefits in improving our health, as it keeps away from diseases like headaches, fever, flu, asthma, etc and helps in making us fit, flexible, and fresh for whole day. In our daily life, one is busy working the whole day and forgot all about our health. And as a result, we always feel pain, stress, and have many chances to fall ill. But practicing yoga, just once in daily life will help reduce and overcome problems that even medicines are unable to cure. Even after that, not practicing yoga or doing any physical exercise can affect our body in looking obese and making stuff. Doing all postures of yoga on a daily basis can solve the various health remedies of individuals.

Symptoms to know if you have anxiety disorders:

• You feel unusually panicky, scared, and uneasy

• You wake up from frequent nightmares

• You have problems sleeping

• You got frequent palpitations

How can yoga exercises help get over anxiety

Regular yoga practice can help you stay calm and relaxed in daily life and can also give you strength to face events as they come without getting restless. Yoga practice ideally includes the complete packages of body postures, Pranayam, meditation, and the ancient yoga philosophy, all of which has helped several anxiety patients recover and face life with the new positive strength.

• Move your body and relieve your mind of stress with body postures

• Breathe right with pranayam to relieve anxiety

• Meditate to enjoy the gift of relaxed mind

• Apply your philosophy in your life, stay happy and enjoy every moment

• Pray, keep faith, and smile

• Think about what you can do for others

• Know how can you motivate others to the regular exercises

• Remember a similar past situation when you could overcome anxiety.

• Keep positive company around you.

Here are some of the diseases yoga can help with:

• Asthma

• Indigestion and stomach ailments

• Headaches

• Bone, joint, and body pains

• Heart problems

• Diabetes

• Anxiety and depression

• Life threatening diseases

With this yoga has benefitted many women in the health care:

• Relieving physical pain

• Keep fit

• Alleviate pressure

Some of the asana that is necessary to keep yourself away from anxiety and other health problems:

• Bhastrika

• Kapalbhati

• Bahya Pranayam

• Agnisar

• Anulom film

• Bhramari

• Udgeeth

Today, when almost everyone is suffering from some form of ailments or the other. Yoga is an effective way to deal with your problems. Yogic meditation allows the mind and body to slow down, controls the heart rate and breathing and relaxes the mind. Balance is an important element of yoga. A yoga exercise allows you to shift weight to different organs of the body, allowing oxygenated blood to enter these organs and flush out toxins. Yoga postures push your muscles to hold their stances and stances and strengthen their core. There are three systems that eliminate waste out of the body circulatory, digestive, and lymphatic and the stretching and breathing exercises of yoga with work at all process. With this, there are different levels with various poses in yoga which help in improving movement and several yoga exercises drain the lymph nodes of toxins.