Yoga for Entrepreneurs and Corporate People

All entrepreneurs dedicate themselves toward setting up, maintaining, and growing their businesses. They venture out, start new businesses, and innovate new products. They spend much of their time and effort on growing their client base and making a difference for their clients. They usually live a hectic, very demanding, and highly stressful lifestyle. Many find it difficult to get a regular daily exercise and stress reduction activity. They often drive themselves hard to improve their services, products, and production. If they lack the manpower support and they are directly hands-on on all aspects of their business, they sometimes end up physically and mentally drained after a few years of operation.

Stress is a common reason for today’s diseases such as heart, blood pressure and other organ failures. Stress can be fatal if it is constant and uncorrected. It is important for entrepreneurs to take care of the health of both mind and body by engaging in both outdoor and indoor relaxing activities. Yoga is a perfect match for the lifestyle of the busy entrepreneur. It can be done in a studio, a gym, or at home with a daily practice at any time of day. It can take 10 minutes or an hour depending on the time available. Yoga can be done sitting in your car by doing breathing and meditation exercises.

The physical and mental benefits of yoga are extensively proven by experts. The art of doing yoga we know today originated 5000 years ago in India. The infinite cognitive, physiological, and neurological benefits of yoga have been found and proven effective in regaining energy, balance, and health. Practicing this ancient body art, even just for few short minutes, will enable an individual to regain balance and physical energy. Regular practice of yoga can bring improvement in health, in mind and body, increased energy, well-being, and productivity.

A few minutes of practicing yoga every day is very effective in calming the nerves. Regular daily yoga practice improves the body, mind, and spirit. According to the Mayo Clinic’s report for yoga, yoga can help reduce the risk factor of having chronic diseases. The breathing technique and meditation strengthens the muscles, internal organs, lowers blood pressure and relieves, head, neck and back pain.

Yoga improves circulation by bringing oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Thus, yoga improves concentration and decision-making skills. This is very useful for people who think, plan, and strategize for their business. A regular yoga practitioner has much lesser risk of suffering from pain, insomnia, anxiety or depression. They are able to react calmly in difficult situations and become more productive in meeting their objectives.

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services stated, “People who practice yoga do maintain their health and well-being, improve physical fitness, relieve stress, and enhance the quality of life.”

In addition, offering yoga classes at work can help companies to reduce health care expenses, relieve workplace stress and promote additional skills for their employees. The whole performance of a company depends on the performance of its important assets- its employees. Studies showed that healthy employees are more productive and more cost- effective.

Yoga, like a growing business, is a continuous process. Businesses don’t achieve immediate success and entrepreneurs must learn to be patient. The practice of yoga is the goal of yoga. Yoga teaches entrepreneurs to build their skills for market competitions as well as it builds their inner strength. Entrepreneurs can build a stronger relationship with their colleagues and their prospective customers through yoga.

Yoga creates a better employer-employee work relationship and better customer services which are essential for a growing business. Yoga helps each individual to connect with themselves, and this is most important. For if we are not self-connected and empowered, we cannot connect and empower others to do the same. Yoga is an inside job, and magically your external environment changes for the better.

Yoga also builds a harmonious workplace where everybody is doing his job in a relaxed and efficient way. Yoga exercises are simple and can be used for different skill abilities and this is perfect for the entrepreneurial environment.